Energy Management

Program review

On Feb. 23, 2017, Dr. Bryan Pettengill, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, and Energy Manager Van McLain presented a review of the Energy Program to the School Board.

In reviewing the program for the calendar year 2016, they shared that energy cost avoidance for 2016 was $446,183. For the 11 years the District has implemented the program, the total savings is $4,496,966, which is a 30 percent overall savings. During the same time period, utility rates have increased by 36 percent

Upgrades during 2016, consisting mostly of LED lighting and higher efficiency heating and cooling units, resulted in more than $142,000 in rebates from KCPL.

The Energy Program is designed to keep Ray-Pec buildings operating in the most efficient, yet cost-effective, way possible. The District received the Energy Star rating in 2014 for all school buildings and the Administrative Services Center. This is a benchmark that very few schools have achieved nationwide.

With continued support from the custodial staff, teaching staff and the administration, the goal is to maintain this 30 percent savings level, while continuing to seek new rebates and improvements to facility operations.


Van McLain
Energy Manager

Administrative Services Center
21005 S. School Rd., P.O. Box 789
Peculiar, MO  64078
Ph: (816) 892-1325
Fx: (816) 892-1385

The Ray-Pec School District has an Energy Management Program to reduce energy waste and keep energy cost to a minimum, while providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable learning environment for students and staff. The savings from the Energy Program are directed to the educational needs of the school district. The success of this comprehensive program is achieved through the combined effort of all support and teaching staffs.

Energy Management Plan Guidelines