Team Mantra: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” - Abraham Lincoln

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Fine Arts Practical Arts Physical Education
Band: Jennifer Gibson Academic Skills: Mary Sibert and Diane Ejjaidali Girls PE: Katlyn Christopher
Choir: Shea Twenter Project Lead The Way: Paul Barker, Wendy McKee and Lydia Baker Girls PE: Jory Williamson
Theatre: Adam Segura French: Melinda Young    Boys PE: Jared Foster
Art: Kris Dillon Spanish: Debbie Vendelin Boys PE: Lou Garcia 
  Healthy Living: Connie Huckeby  
  Journalism and Digital Citizenship: Ashleigh Sandifer  
  Learning Lab: Pat Appleton  
  Core Resource ELA: Janell Doudrick  
  Core Resource Math: Rick Lally  
  FACS: Molly Okuly  
  ISS/ Recovery: