How to Request Use of Facilities

Step One
Open and/or print out the Facility Request Form. This is an interactive PDF.

Step Two
Fill out the form and submit. Your request must be received at least two weeks prior to your event. Submission options include:

The Facility Use Fees lists the costs to reserve each available space in a school building on an hourly basis. Additional fees may apply if your group:
  • Uses a building during non-traditional school hours. The district requires a custodian (district staff member) to open and close a school building if it is utilized by an outside group on a weekend. In addition, when a school facility is being used by a large group, a school custodian shall be present during its use to protect school property (at the expense of the requesting group).
  • Makes full-use of a school kitchen. When a school kitchen is utilized for a function, a district Food Service employee must be on duty for the event (at the expense of the requesting group).
  • Uses district technology (audio / video equipment or auditorium sound / lighting).

Hourly fees for these services are listed at the bottom of the Facilities Use Fees. For more information, see the Board Policy.

Step Three
The District Facilities and Support Service Office will confirm the availability of your requested space with the building administrator and bill your group. Requests are generally confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

Please note that rescheduled district events will take precedence over previously approved outside group events and facilities will generally be unavailable on days that school is cancelled due to inclement weather.