Curriculum Review

In-depth curriculum development and review is an ongoing and systematic process, which begins with standards developed and adopted by the state. District teachers at each grade level analyze and determine what students need to know and be able to do, based on the standards.

A team of teachers review the flow of the curriculum from grade level to grade level to determine that it meets the needs of Ray-Pec students. Adjustments and additions are made to create our local curriculum.

Reviewing and updating curriculum is a part of the district's ongoing commitment to provide the best educational opportunities for students. The review process provides District leaders and Board members with information concerning curriculum development, evaluation and revision of a scheduled content area.  The Board reviews and approves the curriculum developed by the District.

Once the curriculum approval process is complete, future funds are allocated to purchase related instructional materials.

Math Curriculum
The Math Curriculum went through formal review in 2016.

Grade Level Math Curriculum

English Language Arts Curriculum
The English Language Arts Curriculum (ELA) content area went through formal review in 2015. 

Grade Level ELA Curriculum