Raymore-Peculiar Cross Country

Nike Regional pay link Put $80 in the amount.  In the box below amount put runners name and Nike so the financial lady will know what the payment is for. Thanks  Payment Link 

Banquet RSVP  Tuesday Nov. 20th 6pm

Nike and Hoodies can be paid for using the above link also.  When you get to the payment put in the amount then in the box below that put name and (banquet, or Nike, or Hoodie) what ever it is for.  Thanks

2019 Track Schedule

2018 Results

High School Sign Up

Use the Camp Sign Up link below, but do not pay at the end.

Cross Country Team Camp Sign-up

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Please take care of these things by August 6:

High School Team Communication  Remind101  
HS Cross Country send a text message to 816-521-6927 with the message @rpcr
Snow Dogs send a text message to 816-521-6927 with the message @snowdogs

Shutterfly new link - RPXC 2018: https://rpxc2018.shutterfly.com/

Cross country state rankings are found on Mo Mile Split web site  www.momilesplit.com

 Ferritin Info: Dr. Eckert form 

East XC Sign Up 

South XC Sign up

Email Coach Johnson: RPXC707@gmail.com