Health Services

Mission/Purpose Statement
School Nurses promote wellness in our schools, respond to issues dealing with physical or emotional safety, and create a positive influence on the learning of our students through health-related support.

Immunizations for 2017-2018
Plan now to ensure students are up to date with immunization requirements.

All students must present documentation of immunization status, including month, day, and year of each immunization before attending school.

  • Kindergarten: Five immunizations
  • Incoming 8th graders: Tdap and meningococcal
  • High School: Two doses of meningococcal vaccine by 12th grade

The meningococcal vaccine is a two-series immunization. The first dose is given with the Tdap prior to 8th grade and the final dose is required prior to the 12th grade year.

2017-2018 Missouri Immunization Requirements

Influenza Resources
Students can get sick with influenza or the "flu" and schools can become a place where students can easily spread flu-like symptoms to staff, other students, and their families. 
Caring for Someone with the Flu
Flu.Gov Website
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Cass County Health Department

Jennifer Johnson
Nurse Supervisor

Office located at Shull Early Learning Center
11706 E. 211th St.
Peculiar, MO  64078

Ph: (816) 892-1239


Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Nurses in the Ray-Pec School Health Rooms maintain medical and immunization records.

The Health Services staff also: 
  • Offer CPR classes for faculty and staff
  • Coordinate a flu shot campaign for staff
  • Participate in the high school's physical night
  • Participate in county, regional and national trainings and conferences