Early Learners / Pre-K

To provide our district's youngest students with positive early educational experiences to be ready for school success.

To create excitement for lifelong learning through an environment of education and play.

Collective Commitments:
  • We will unite as a team with families to provide developmentally appropriate activities and learning situations for our students.
  • We will value each child as a unique individual with diverse needs.
  • We will provide a caring and supportive environment.
  • We will provide an appropriate and innovative curriculum to help every child be successful.
  • We will model the behavior we aspire in our students to exhibit.

Early Childhood
The Early Childhood provides tuition-free* pre-kindergarten instruction two half-days a week for students the year before they enter kindergarten. For more information: Early Childhood

Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education meets the needs of young children with developmental delays.
Early Childhood Special Education

Panther Cub Academy
Panther Cub Academy is a full-day childcare center.
Panther Cub Academy

Parents as Teachers
Parents as Teachers offers home visits and related services for families beginning before birth.
Parents as Teachers