2012-2013 Budget Plan

The Board of Education on June 27, 2012, approved a balanced budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which begins July 1.

The district's budget for 2012-2013 includes estimated total revenues of $57,295,117 and estimated total expenditures of $57,261,916.

From an operating perspective, the district is estimating total revenue of $51,318,794 and expenditures of $51,946,766. Operating funds include the general fund, teachers fund, activity fund, and the capital projects fund (non-bond issue funds). A transfer of $1 million from the general fund to the capital projects fund is estimated. A transfer of $2,244,845 from the general fund to the teacher fund is estimated. The school district receives most of its revenue from property taxes, the state's foundation formula, the state Classroom Trust Fund, and sales tax. Additional funding comes from some other federal, state and local sources.

The debt service fund includes amounts needed to pay principal, interest and fees on outstanding bond issues from 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2011. Total principal payments, fees and interest payments for 2012-2013 are scheduled and budgeted for $5,315,150.

The budget includes funds to cover district software licensing, curriculum support, the purchase of 360 laptops, replacement of teacher computers in various schools, and an electronic storage area network. The budget also includes purchases of curriculum and resource materials to support the enrollment growth at the middle school and high school levels, and support for increased sections at elementary schools to keep class sizes at appropriate levels. There are no major textbook adoptions this school year, except for English II texts at the high school. Capital project funds are budgeted for improvements to several district facilities. Funds are also allocated in the capital projects funds to make capital lease payments. Capital improvements planned for 2012-2013 include building exterior improvements at Creekmoor Elementary; carpet, flooring and ceiling replacements across the district; asphalt and concrete repairs and improvements; fire and security system upgrades; classroom cabinetry; playground improvements; and repairs to the gym floor at Peculiar Elementary. Operating expenses include moving each employee on the salary schedule, increased pay for employees who receive additional education, and increased health insurance premiums.

You can review the entire budget plan at: http://www.raypec.k12.mo.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/4494