Staff Forms and Information


Notice of Retirement or Resignation To be completed by any employee retiring or resigning from the district.

Policy AC Grievance Form Board of Education Policy AC - Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation requires that incidents or behaviors violating this policy be reported to the Lisa Hatfield, District Compliance Officer. This form can be chosen as a reporting method. 

PTO Banked Leave Request To be completed if an employee has been absent and is requesting to use banked leave because current year PTO has been exhausted.

PTO Guideline Exception Request  To be completed if an employee is requesting that the superintendent or designee consider a request for an exception to the PTO policy guidelines.

Reference Authorization To be completed if a current or former employee would like the district to provide reference information to other individuals or organizations.

Retirement Resolution To be completed after retirement has been approved by the Board of Education. After completing, send by email or interoffice mail to Leanne Dial at ASC.

Teacher Request for Salary Schedule Movement To be completed by certified staff requesting salary schedule advancement based upon completion of graduate credit hours.