Teacher/Support Staff Employee of the Year

2017 Teacher of the Year finalists
Congratulations to the finalists for the Ray-Pec 2017 Teacher of the Year: 
  • Tracy Elliott, Ray-Pec East Middle School
  • Tricia Elmore, Timber Creek Elementary School
  • Dan Garrison, Ray-Pec East Middle School
  • Katie Goodin, Creekmoor Elementary School
  • Amy Greble, Stonegate Elementary School
  • Katie Kiger, Shull Elementary School
  • Angie LaSala, Raymore Elementary School
  • Jennifer Milligan, Timber Creek Elementary
  • Brandon Ransom, Ray-Pec High School
  • Kim Shaul, Eagle Glen Intermediate School

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2017 Support Staff finalists

Congratulations to the finalists for 2017 Support Staff Employee of the Year:
  • Tracy Caskey, Peculiar Elementary School
  • Dan Fisher, Bridle Ridge Intermediate School
  • Karla Heinrich, Raymore Elementary School
  • Jeff Helzer, Buildings and Grounds Department
  • Konni Noyes, Raymore Elementary School
  • Linda Portman, Technology Department
  • Cheryl Tipton, Finance Department
  • Kristy Warren, Raymore Elementary School
  • Penny Wilson, Creekmoor Elementary School

Teacher of the Year nominees

Congratulations to these other teachers who were also nominated for Teacher of the Year:

  • Creekmoor Elementary School: Andrea Calkins, Crystal Hawley, Rebecca Howard, Stephanie Linn, Juline Norman, Rebecca Oshel, Kristie Robinson, and Amy Russell.
  • Peculiar Elementary School: Colleen Bennett, Sheri Capper, Megan Jones, Jamie Lecuru, and Alice Redding. (Former Teacher Erin Hillier was also nominated.)
  • Raymore Elementary School: Valerie Collom, Brianna Pennington, Valerie Rapp, Melinda Riker, Theresa Trutzel, and Bethany Woodson.
  • Shull Elementary School: Stacey Barbarick, Cinda Beshore, Gina Garrison, Tiffany Hill, Pam King, Pat Mabary, Abby MacLeod, and Jodi Wooley.
  • Stonegate Elementary School: Mary Besse, Melanie Coleman, Emily Dusselier, Pepper Grimm, Wendy Huffman, Tracy LeRosen, Tobi O’Donnell, Samantha Richardson, and Lydmarie Spruill.
  • Timber Creek Elementary School: Jennifer Halvorson
  • Bridle Ridge Intermediate School: Elizabeth Breier, Tanya Caldwell, Angie Donaldson, Wendy Farley, Connie Huckeby, James Huffman, Tara Kelley, Emily King, Evelyn Peck, Cathy Pittman, Wendell Pritchett, Piper Showen, Brenda Tilawen, Jennifer Vacca, Lezlie Waltz, Greg Watson, and Lauren Way.
  • Eagle Glen Intermediate School: Tresea Brockman, Ashlie Renfro, and Stephen Rew.
  • Ray-Pec East Middle School: Lindsay Carmichael, Carol Holsman, Linda Kiefer, Sherri Miller, Annora Quenzer, and Pam Schnake.
  • Ray-Pec Academy: Stacey O’Connell
  • Raymore-Peculiar High School: Brett Beneke, Joe O’Neal, Lisa Roberts, and Todd Schnake.

Support Staff nominees

Congratulations to these employees who were also nominated for the Support Staff award:
  • Jamie Bogner, Timber Creek Elementary School
  • Carol Brandt, Ray-Pec East Middle School and Ray-Pec High School
  • Dawn Ekstrand, Creekmoor Elementary School
  • Sherrie Goodwin, Raymore Elementary School
  • Brad Hays, Bridle Ridge Intermediate School
  • Karen Moore, Ray-Pec High School
  • Corrie Posey, Stonegate Elementary School
  • Barb Rewald, Timber Creek Elementary School
  • Julie Sinclair, Timber Creek Elementary School
  • Becky Yates, Creekmoor Elementary School

Awards banquet

A banquet to honor finalists in both programs is scheduled for Thursday, April 6, at Ray-Pec High School. The Ray-Pec Public School Foundation plans the awards programs and the banquet. You may attend the banquet to show support for the finalists. The cost is $25.

To make a reservation, contact Pam Steele, Executive Assistant for the Superintendent and Board of Education, at 816-892-1311 or pam.steele@raypec.org. Please RSVP by March 31. You may also make a reservation online.

For information about sponsoring the banquet or providing prizes or gifts for the finalists or winners, contact Jodie Huston, Executive Director for the Ray-Pec Public School Foundation, at jodie.huston@raypec.org

Nomination letters

The nomination period is closed for 2017.