Community Engagement

    1. For Raymore-Peculiar,  this meant a series of engagements with the Digital Transformation Team:

      1. Parents

      2. Students

      3. Staff

      4. Community members

      5. Board members

    2. The Digital Transformation Team consisted of 3 groups asked to consider policy and procedure implications of decisions, and effective communication approaches to key stakeholders.

      1. Technology & Infrastructure Transformation Team

        1. Explore devices and device ratio for student use

        2. Effective facilitation of BYOD program

        3. Recommendations on necessary infrastructure upgrades

      2. Curriculum and Blended Learning Team

        1. Recommendations about the future of curriculum, delivery methods and resources for the district

        2. Conversion to a textbookless RP when appropriate

        3. Explore how blended learning fits into the educational vision of RP

        4. Expansion of online learning

      3. Staff Development and Classroom Transformation Team

        1. Recommendations concerning staff development including needs, timeline and delivery system deployed

        2. Definition of the highly engaged student