RP Portal

  1. An effective BYOD program has a “one stop shop” for students, staff, and parents to access web applications and District-licensed software.  We have decided to use the RP Portal for the following reasons:
    1. webStorage – Access shared, home and public directories from any location with an Internet connection.

    2. webReports – Build, secure, and distribute dynamic database reports.

    3. webForms – Create web based forms to collect and present information from both internal and external users.

    4. Personal Desktop – This type of workspace virtualization will connect a user with an office desktop from different locations.

    5. Self Service Options - Manage your own system account and minimize help desk tickets.

    6. News and Alerts – Receive or deliver messages based on role in company.

    7. Calendaring – Share personal and group calendars across the company.

    8. teamPages – A collaborative web interface to simplify information sharing.

    9. Push Console – Push events to a user’s web desktop or automatically start apps, send messages, open websites, etc.

    10. Single-Sign-On (SSO)- Provides password management and a simple method to authenticate users for the web, Windows, databases, file systems, and more.

  2. Example of RPSD district portal: