Peculiar Elementary


201 E. Third St.
Peculiar, MO 64078

(816) 892-1650

(816) 892-1655

Link: Peculiar Elementary

Name Title Email Phone
Weida, Rob Principal 816-892-1650
Wescoat, Debbie Building Secretary 816-892-1651
Caskey, Tracy Financial Secretary 816-892-1652
Robinson, Latasha Counselor 816-892-1667
Rexroad, Darlene Nurse 816-892-1664
Beshore, Cinda Librarian 816-892-1661
Dyreng, Sheri Media Assistant 816-892-1661
Curtis, Monica Kindergarten Teacher 816-892-3999 x2248
Murphy, Leeann Kindergarten Teacher 816-892-3999 x
Reimnitz, Cortney Kindergarten Teacher 816-892-3999 x2247
Bennett, Colleen 1st Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2024
Clark, Alyssa 1st Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2216
Price, Alisha 1st Grade Teacher 816-892-3999
Roller, Monica 1st Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x
Capper, Sheri 2nd Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2051
Fisher, Julie 2nd Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2301
Claus, Michelle 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2366
Redding, Alice 3rd Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2255
Tatum, Kyla 3rd Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2111
Jones, Megan 4th Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2315
Named, To Be 4th Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x 2075
Mell, Michelle 4th Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2140
Bayron, Kingswell 5th Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x
Crabtree, Monica 5th Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x2108
Davis, Cindy 5th Grade Teacher 816-892-3999 x
Novak, Tammy Digital Learning 816-892-1657
Bullock, Jenny Art 816-892-3999 x2203
Schork, Katie Music 816-892-3999 x2501
Roller, Chris Physical Education 816-892-3999 x2411
Tait, Faye Special Education Coordinator 816-892-1932
Cates, Jennifer Special Education 816-892-3999 x2187
Woodfin, Amy Special Education 816-892-3999 x2283
Vance, Gayle Occupational Therapy
Heiman, Amy Physical Therapy
Thomas, Stephanie Reading Interventionist 816-892-3999 x2307
Sievers, Holly Teacher Associate 816-892-3999 x
Comeau, Jordan Teacher Associate 816-892-3999
Inman, Jennifer Focus Facilitator 816-892-1669
Dupuis, Sherri Paraprofessional 816-892-1650
Scurlock, Don Paraprofessional 816-892-1650
Tinney, JoAnn Paraprofessional 816-892-1650
Francis, Megan Speech Pathologist 816-892-3999 x2192
Knapp, Amy Panther Pride Child Care Site Coordinator 816-892-1662
Ferguson, Miranda Panther Pride Child Care 816-892-1662
Pope, Amy Cafeteria Manager 816-892-1665
Hoenshell, Rebecca Cook 816-892-1665
Irvin, Mary Cook 816-892-1665
Thrift, Andrea (Shelly) Cook 816-892-1665
Russo, Debbie Lunch Monitor
Voliva, Jennifer Lunch Monitor
Tanner, Jeff Day Lead Custodian 816-893-1650
Johnson, Darrell Night Lead Custodian
Weida, Joe Night Custodian
James, Heather Night Custodian - Part-time