Raymore-Peculiar South Middle School


20501 S. School Rd.
Peculiar, MO 64078

Peculiar, MO 64078

(816) 892-1500

(816) 892-1501

Link: Ray-Pec South Middle School

Name Title Email Phone
Randolph, Dr. Randy Principal 816-892-1502
Turner, Paul Assistant Principal 816-892-1503
Floyd, Katherine Attendance Secretary 816-892-1507
Wescoat, Adreanna Counseling Secretary 816-892-1510
Williams, Wendy Finance and Activities Secretary 816-892-1506
McCann, Sandi Nurse 816-892-1513
Schneider, Mary Counselor 816-892-1508
Showen, Piper Counselor 816-892-1509
Urbina, Brooke Library Media Specialist  
Thomas, Natalie Library Media Assistant  
Pluss, Kevin Special Education Coordinator 816-892-1530
Briscoe, Cole School Resource Officer 816-892-1514
Inman, Rod Campus Supervisor  
Newell, Yvonne Student Monitor  
Johnson, Darrell Recovery/ISS  
Teter, Shannon Physical Therapy  
Bond, Bobbi Occupational Therapy  
McCorkle, Jill Speech and Language  
Ames, David 6th Grade (Pod 700) Science 892-3999 x2090
Arnold, Kolby 7th Grade (Pod 500) Social Studies 892-3999 x2138
Baker, Lydia Project Lead the Way (M.D. & E.E.) 892-3999 x2449
Beere, Vanessa 7th Grade (Pod 100) Science 892-3999 x2257
Boyd, Kindra Learning Lab  
Bowman, Jennifer 8th Grade (Pod 300) English Language Arts 892-3999 x2440
Clark, Dr. Joanna 7th Grade (Pod 500) Science 892-3999 x2189
Deckard, Graham Percussion  
Dick, Ashleigh Special Education - 6th Grade (Pod 700) 892-3999 x2329
Donaldson, Angie 6th Grade (Pod 700) English Language Arts 892-3999 x2086
Downing, Dr. Alan Math Instructional Coach, 6-12 892-3999 x2299
Elliott, Tracy Special Education - Life Skills  
Garrison, Dan 8th Grade (Pod 300) Social Studies 892-3999 x2435
Graves, Beth 8th Grade (Pod 100) Math 892-3999 x2430
Gunnels, Jennifer Physical Education 892-3999 x2441
Harrington, Bill Project Lead the Way (Engineering) 892-3999 x2432
Hauck, LeAnn Family & Consumer Science (FACS) 892-3999 x2451
Holsman, Carol 8th Grade (Pod 300) Science 892-3999 x2433
Howlett, Catie Special Education - 7th Grade (Pod 100) 892-3999 x2146
Ideka, Bernard SMS Substitute  
Jacobs, Rachel Art 892-3999 x2453
Slack, Leah Special Education - 6th Grade (Pod 700)  
Janes, Nick Physical Education 892-3999 x2452
Jarrett, Dillon Band 892-3999 x2437
Johnson, Heather 8th Grade (Pod 300) English Language Arts 892-3999 x
Kephart, Gennifer Special Education - 7th Grade (Pod 100) 892-3999 x2005
Kurzweil, Lora Physical Education 892-3999 x2431
Loftin, Dr. Michelle Spanish/World Cultures 892-3999 x2186
Lybarger, Dallas 8th Grade (Pod 300) Math 892-3999 x2434
Mathis, Haley 7th Grade (Pod 100) Math 892-3999 x2139
Mitchell, Christin ELA Instructional Coach  
Mizell, Sean Core Resource ELA, Reading, and Academic Skills 892-3999 x2204
Newmaster, Sophia 6th Grade (Pod 700) ELA/Social Studies 892-3999 x2218
Novak, Donald Project Lead the Way (C.S.) 892-3999 x2219
Overstreet, Jayme Theatre 892-3999 x2436
Peterson, Stephanie 8th Grade (Pod 300) Social Studies 892-3999 x2455
Pritchett, Wendell Physical Education 892-3999 x2459
Quinlin, Lena LEAP (gifted) 892-3999 x2458
Resler, Kymber Strings Teacher  
Richardson, Dr. Sheryl Instructional Coach 892-3999 x
Rincon, Liz 7th Grade (Pod 100) English Language Arts 892-3999 x2438
Rives, Jeff Journalism 892-3999 x2439
Santiago, Francisco English Language Learners (ELL) 892-3999 x2336
Sharp, Sierra 7th Grade (Pod 500) Math 892-3999 x
Sherron, Michele 6th Grade (Pod 700) Math 892-3999 x2281
Sirna, Alex 8th Grade (Pod 300) Science 892-3999 X
Standley, Kali Core Resource Math  
Stein, Angela 8th Grade (Pod 300) Math 892-3999 x2448
Terwilliger, Emily Instructional Coach 892-3999 x
Tierney, Jim 7th Grade (Pod 500) English Language Arts 892-3999 x2442
Tracy, Janet Reading and Academic Skills 892-3999 x2313
Vyhanek, Christine Academic Skills  
Waltz, Lezlie Choir 892-3999 x2328
Watson, Greg 6th Grade (Pod 700) Social Studies 892-3999 x2399
Weeks, Tracy 6th Grade (Pod 700) Math and Science 892-3999 x2100
Williams, Rebecca 7th Grade (Pod 100) Social Studies 892-3999 x2454
Young, Melinda French 892-3999 x2450
Murrow, Jaime 504 District Coordinator  
Brotherton, Peggy Paraprofessional  
Duncan, Dana Paraprofessional  
Lattimer, Jennifer Paraprofessional  
Robison, Becky Paraprofessional  
Shoopman, Brenda Paraprofessional  
Todd, Mace Paraprofessional  
Wheeler, Kim Paraprofessional  
Williams, Sandi Paraprofessional  
Peterson, Candy Cafeteria Manager 916-5675
Bockelman, Jesee Cook 816-892-1521
Godsey, Mark Cook 816-892-1521
Isham, Betty Cook 816-892-1521
Andula, Amanda Cook 913-742-1558
Herbert, Curtis Cook 322-1279
Trueblood, Angela Day Lead Custodian  
Sanchez, Amber Night Lead Custodian  
Casey, James Custodian  
Klinger, Travis Custodian  
Teachout, Kyle Custodian