How can I make changes or additions to my application?
While filling out your application, you will provide an e-mail address and password. If you wish to save the application and return to it later, click SAVE AS DRAFT at the bottom of the application page. To come back to the application, click the link EMPLOYMENT AT RAY-PEC and then EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION and click 'log in."

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1. Will the Ray-Pec School District accept paper applications?
2. How do I begin the online application process?
3. Is it necessary to fill out an online application if I am a current employee but wish to apply for a new position?
4. Is it necessary to complete an online application if I have worked for the district in the past?
5. Do I need to complete an online application if I previously submitted a paper one?
6. Can I apply for a job opening that is not currently posted?
7. How can I make changes or additions to my application?
8. I receive an error when trying to upload my resume and cover letter into my online application. What should I do?
9. How do I know if the Ray-Pec School District has received my online application?
10. Once I have completed my online application and chosen my position vacancies, what happens next?
11. When does a job posting close that states "open until filled"?
12. I received an email stating my online application is incomplete. How do I know what is missing?
13. Should I contact the principal or department supervisor regarding a position?