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1. Will the Ray-Pec School District accept paper applications?
2. How do I begin the online application process?
3. Is it necessary to fill out an online application if I am a current employee but wish to apply for a new position?
4. Is it necessary to complete an online application if I have worked for the district in the past?
5. Do I need to complete an online application if I previously submitted a paper one?
6. Can I apply for a job opening that is not currently posted?
7. How can I make changes or additions to my application?
8. I receive an error when trying to upload my resume and cover letter into my online application. What should I do?
9. How do I know if the Ray-Pec School District has received my online application?
10. Once I have completed my online application and chosen my position vacancies, what happens next?
11. When does a job posting close that states "open until filled"?
12. I received an email stating my online application is incomplete. How do I know what is missing?
13. Should I contact the principal or department supervisor regarding a position?