Volunteering in Ray-Pec

Volunteers are important to the success of many school district programs and activities. Many individuals volunteer to help with events and activities such as field days, class parties, book fairs, PTA dances, etc. under the supervision of District staff.

A second category of volunteers assist in ways in which they may be responsible for supervision of students in the absence of the direct supervision of a District employee. These individuals are called Screened Volunteers. Examples of this type of volunteer include Watch D.O.G.S., field trip chaperones, or individuals providing academic tutoring.

For the safety of students, staff, and volunteers, individuals who wish to serve as a Screened Volunteer MUST complete a screening process.

Becoming a Screened Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete this process each school year?

  • No, this process must be completed every two years in order to remain a screened volunteer. 

 Do I have to complete this process for each school I want to be a screened volunteer in?

  • No, completing the process makes you eligible to volunteer in this capacity in any District building.

How long does this process take? 

  • Please allow for two weeks after submitting your paperwork and $12 background check fee. This is especially important to remember if you are completing this process to attend a field trip. 

Do I need to complete this process if I just want to help with field day or class parties at my child's school?

  • No, you do not need to be a screened volunteer to help at field day, class parties, book fairs or other activities where you are under the direct supervision of District staff.

I am interested in being a field trip chaperone for my child's class but I don't know if I will be selected to attend. Should I go ahead and complete this process?

  • Because not all volunteers who wish to attend a field trip will be selected due to space constraints as well as the cost associated with this process, we prefer that individuals wait to complete this process until they are chosen as a field trip chaperone. Our schools are aware that they need to be proactive in making these plans so that we have time to ensure the process is completed for those who are selected.