Senior DRIVE Project

Welcome to the Senior DRIVE Project page!

DRIVE stands for Directed, Real-World, Innovative, Venture, Experience.


Project Information

All seniors enrolled in English IV are required to complete a senior DRIVE project.

Each senior must work with a community mentor to complete his or her project and dedicate at least 25 hours outside of school hours to the project.

Projects must demonstrate a student’s leadership abilities and mastery of soft skills and result in the student becoming a more educated, active, and productive member of his or her community.

4 major components of the project

  • A research paper: a 4-5 page typed document that consists of research related to the topic of the project.  It will require that the student use specific skills such as research (locating information), organization, time management, and expression of ideas.
  • A project: an endeavor in which a student takes a leadership role, demonstrating further academic pursuit, social service, career exploration, or a creative endeavor that furthers a business-related goal or benefits the community.
  • A presentation with multimedia visual aid: an 8 to 10-minute presentation given to a community-based panel at the end of the semester, demonstrating completion of the project, the use of soft skills, and personal growth.  It will also include evidence of the final tangible “product,” the outcome of the project.
  • A digital portfolio: a file containing all of the documentation required for the project.