7th grade basketball

New this year! Seventh graders can try out to play basketball at both South Middle School and East Middle School. In the past, middle school basketball was limited to eighth graders. Tryouts begin the week of Oct. 25. Seventh and eighth graders will be competing for slots on the A and B teams. The first game is Nov. 22, 2021, and the last games will be in late January, 2022.

Athletic/activity physicals
Students (grades 7-12) planning to participate in fall activities or athletics must have a completed, current physical on file with the school before practice begins. Sports/activity physicals are good for two years. Physical Form  Once the physical is completed, submit it using the PRIVIT app. More information

Activity fee
A student activity fee of $50 will be charged to all middle school and high school students participating in athletics, speech and debate, and scholar bowl. At the high school level, the fee is also charged for participation in choir and band. There will be a maximum of $100 charged to an individual student or $150 charged to an individual family, regardless of the number of students and activities. With payment of an activity fee, students will receive an activity pass, which grants entrance into high school home football and basketball games. There is also a catastrophic insurance fee of $5 for students participating in a sport or activity.

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