Information for Mentors

Thank you for becoming a mentor to a senior at RPHS!

The Senior Project is designed to help students invest in becoming more educated, active, and productive members of their community while developing the soft skills required to be competitive in the current job market, including but not limited to collaborating and communicating with others, using innovative thinking, demonstrating the ability to create and adapt to change, using decision making skills, and presenting information.

The Senior Project consists of four major components: 

  • A research paper: a 4-5 page typed document that consists of research related to the topic of the project.  It will require that the student use specific skills such as research (locating information), organization, time management, and expression of ideas 
  • A project: an endeavor in which a student takes a leadership role, demonstrating further academic pursuit, social service, career exploration, or a creative endeavor that furthers a business-related goal or benefits the community
  • A presentation with multimedia visual aid: an 8-10 minute presentation given to a community-based panel at the end of the semester, demonstrating completion of the project, the use of soft skills, and personal growth.  It will also include evidence of the final tangible “product,” the outcome of the project  
  • A digital portfolio: a file containing all of the documentation required for the project  

As a mentor, we ask that you help guide a student as they progress through their project. It is the student’s responsibility to contact you, set up meetings, communicate on  a regular basis, and ask for support when they need it as well as provide a time sheet to you on a regular basis so you can sign off on the hours they have completed. You DO NOT have to be present for all 25 hours of their work; you do need to verify that the work they have done has taken the time they claim it takes.

As an expert in the field they are working in, you may see areas that they need to improve in or notice something that they need to address; please feel free to guide the student in the right direction. At the same time, give the student to explore, innovate, challenge themselves, and fail at tasks if necessary. The project is meant to be a place where students can grow as individuals while facing real-world consequences while still having support from adults around them.

Mentor consent form

Please fill out the mentor form to verify that:

  • you are not related to the student, you are 18 years old, and you are out of high school
  • you have expertise in the area of the project or feel comfortable supervising the project
  • the student is taking on a project in which they can take a leadership role or they are job shadowing or fulfilling a role as a volunteer
  • you feel comfortable providing practical advice and guidance throughout the project 
  • you feel prepared to give the student feedback including praise and/or constructive criticism
  • when the project is complete, you can comment on challenges and successes the student makes throughout the project, comment on how the student “stretched” beyond their normal, everyday activities, determine that the student meets their time requirements (25 hours outside of school) and to assign a grade to the project (guidelines will be provided) that will make up 10% of the student’s final grade

We also invite you to our senior project presentation night on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. 

Mentor Completion and Grade Form

Once your student has completed his or her senior project, please fill out the following completion and grade form. Please feel free to contact Sarah Renfrow at with any questions. Mentor Completion and Grade Form