Tax calculator

How much will the proposed increase cost the typical homeowner?

The median home value in the Ray-Pec community is approximately $190,000. A net tax rate increase of 45 cents will cost that property owner approximately $162.45 per year ($13.54 per month or 45 cents per day). To see how the increase might affect your property taxes, use the tax calculator below.

How are property taxes calculated? 

Market values are established by the county assessor. Residential property is assessed at 19% of market value. Other types of property have different assessment rates established by state law as follows: personal (331/3%), commercial (32%), and agricultural (12%). The general formula to calculate residential property taxes is shown at the bottom of this page.

Tax calculator

This calculator is provided to show the annual increase and cost per day based on the proposed net tax levy increase of 45 cents.

Please enter the Market Value of your Home using only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed, and then click on Calculate.

Proposed Tax Calculator

Market Value of Home: $
Annual Tax Increase: $
Cost Per Month: $
Cost Per Day: $

The equation used in the calculator is as follows:

Market Value of Home
X 0.19 (residential assessment ratio = 19%)
= Assessed Value (A.V.)
divide by 100 (tax rate is per $100 A.V.)
X $0.45 (proposed net rate increase)
= Additional Taxes (per year)