2020-2021 Budget Plan

Board approves 2020-2021 budget plan

The School Board on June 25, 2020, approved the budget plan for fiscal year 2020-21. The budget reflects the priorities of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and anticipated growth. It also includes plans and contingencies for current economic uncertainties due to the pandemic.

The District’s property tax levy is not projected to increase, but new construction within the District will generate additional revenues. Projected growth in enrollment of nearly 100 students will generate additional state revenues even though state support per student is expected to decline. Salary increases for both certified and non-certified staff average 2%.

In accordance with the Strategic Plan, the budget supports the expansion of real-world learning opportunities for students, expansion of the early childhood program, additional student and staff social-emotional supports, and continued investment of $2 million per year in facility maintenance and improvements. The budget also includes additional technology resources to ensure remote learning tools are available to any student who might need them during the course of the pandemic.

The budget is based on historical analysis and projections through 2024 to ensure that fiscal year 2020-21 budget decisions can be carried into the future and result in continued financial health for the District. These projections indicate that reserve levels can absorb additional spending required in response to current needs, and still be maintained at the 18% to 22% reserve ratio target in the Strategic Plan.

Questions regarding the budget may be directed to Cyndee Byous, Chief Financial Officer.

2020-2021 Budget Plan

Budget presentation at June 25, 2020, Board meeting

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