Getting Started - Parents

Introduction to Canvas

Canvas is the learning management system that is used by most Ray-Pec students for instruction.

Who uses Canvas?

  • All students in grades 6-12, and
  • Students in K-5 who are participating in virtual learning (VIPR)
Canvas logo

What is a learning management system?

A learning management system is a platform to provide and track learning. Course materials and assignments are added to the platform in a way that makes them easily accessible by students who are learning remotely. Think of the learning management system as the central location that stores and tracks information. Anyone with a login and password can access the resources.

Why Canvas?

In spring 2020, when the District had to implement emergency distance learning, teachers used a variety of methods to contact students and parents. It was frustrating for students and parents to navigate several systems to find coursework and communicate with teachers. To simplify the process for teachers, students, and parents, the District adopted Canvas as the sole learning management system for all students in grades 6-12 and VIPR.

What do you see when you log on?

When students log on to Canvas, they will see all of their courses. A dashboard will show tiles for each class. (See sample at right.)

canvas dashboard

Parent orientation video for Canvas

Parents may benefit from the Observer role for their child(ren).

For written directions, please click here

Observer account for parents

For students using Canvas, parents may create an observer account. Through this account, parents may log in and see the coursework that has been assigned and the assignments that have been completed. It's one log-in, which makes it more convenient that what families experienced last spring.

Students must generate a pairing code to link an observer to their Canvas account. They must create a separate pairing code for each observer who wants to link to their account. An observer may be a parent, guardian, mentor, counselor, or other individual who needs to view the student's Canvas courses.