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Arrowhead Stadium visit

The Ray-Pec Enterprise & Design team of coaches visited Arrowhead Stadium to view the finishing steps of a project by Turner Construction Company. Turner Construction is one of the businesses partnering with RP E&D to provide a client-connected project focusing on design thinking and building students' essential skills. They gave the E&D team the opportunity to visit a project at the beginning and end stages to experience a real-world project in action.

From left to right: Sarah Renfrow, Colter Schacher, Darrick Gray, Keegan Garner

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Miller, Steven


Raymore-Peculiar's Enterprise & Design exists to assist students in developing their agency, efficacy, and passions while gaining valuable real-world and academic skills so they can succeed in a world of rapid and constant change.

Steven Miller, Principal

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Keegan Garner

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