Ninth Grade Center (NGC) updates

June 24, 2021, update on Ninth Grade Center

Dr. Bryan Pettengill, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, reported to the School Board on June 24 about the status of the ninth grade center project. The Steering Committee members are providing input for the design phase of the project. Pettengill said that the committee is working to determine what type of facility will best meet the needs of students. Conceptual drawings of the school will be available in late summer or early fall.

Planning for Ninth Grade Center

Steering Committee member on June 18, 2021, worked with the team from HTK Architects to develop plans for the new ninth grade center (NGC), which will eventually become the district's second high school.

Freshman Center planning 3
Freshman Center planning 2
Freshman Center planning 1

Ninth Grade Center Center timeline

At its May 13, 2021, work session, the School Board heard about the timeline for the new Ninth Grade Center:

Freshman Center timeline
Ninth Grade Center Steering Committee  
Dr. Bryan Pettengill, Assistant Superintendent Alan Downing, Instructional Coach, Grades 6-12
Dr. Mike Slagle, Superintendent John Plankers, RPHS Spanish Teacher
Dr. Al Voelker, Assistant Superintendent Ashleigh Easton, RPHS Art Teacher
Dr. Kristel Barr, Director of Secondary Education Ashley Rowland, RPHS English Teacher
Dr. Kristina Martin, RPHS Associate Principal David Start, RPHS Social Studies Teacher
Ryan Gooding, Director of Technology Emma Carter, RPHS student
Scott Dobson, Director of Facilities Jaylen Nevins, RPHS student
Ruth Johnson, School Board president Brad Kiehl, architect, HTK Architects
Bill Lowe, School Board member James Evrard, HTK Architects
Deanna Olson, School Board member Lee Moore, JE Dunn Construction
Kirk Hipple, Activities Director John Schlick, JE Dunn Construction
odd Schnake, RPHS Theatre Teacher  
Aerial image showing placement of freshman center