2010-2011 Budget Plan

Budget Plan

Presented at June 14, 2010, Board of Education Retreat

The Board of Education on June 17, 2010, approved the budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year, which begins July 1. The budget projects total revenues of $55,169,469 and total expenditures of $57,984,986, including $1,198,309 in final bond funds for the new middle school construction. From an operating perspective the district anticipates total revenue of $48,786,728 and operating expenditures of $50,328,702. A transfer of $765,598.00 from the general fund to the capital projects fund is planned.

The district budget includes capital project funds for planned improvements to several district facilities. In a continued effort to improve the safety and security for students, staff and visitors, funds will be used to improve the parking lot asphalt at Stonegate Elementary and Ray-Pec High School south building. These dollars will continue to implement access control (keyless building entry) at two elementary sites as well as a small upgrade to the Ray-Pec High School north building. Roof repairs will take place at Bridle Ridge Intermediate School and flooring upgrades will occur at Raymore Elementary. Playground site improvements are scheduled for Eagle Glen Intermediate School. The gym floor maintenance rotation will be continued at five school sites. Funds are included in the capital projects budget for the change from Novell to Citrix in the technology department.

Budget expenditures include staffing funds for higher retirement contributions as required by state law. Certified retirement for 2010-11 is 14.00 percent and classified (non-teacher or support staff) retirement is 6.63 percent. The base teacher’s salary is $33,500, and there are no changes being made to any salary schedules from the prior year.

Here are the documents for the 2010-2011 budget plan:

Executive Summary

Fund Balances

Debt Service Schedules

Educational Plan

Accounting Terminology

Explanation of Receipts

Total Revenue by Fund Comparison

Budget Revenue by Source

Total Revenue by Source

Tax Levy History

Assessed Valuation History

Total Expenditures by Fund

Total Operating Expenditures by Object

Expenditures by Function