2011-2012 Budget Plan

2011-2012 Budget
The Board of Education on June 28, 2011, approved the budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2011. The budget projects total revenues of $56,242,204 and total expenditures of $77,934,584. The total expenditures include additional debt service payments. From an operating perspective, the district is anticipating total revenue of 449,946,232 and operating expenditures of $51,135,030. Operating funds include the general fund, teachers fund and the capital projects fund (non-bond issue funds). A transfer of $1 million from the general fund to the capital projects fund is planned. A transfer of $851,010 from the general fund to the teacher fund is planned.

The district budget includes capital project funds for planned improvements to several district facilities. In a continued effort to improve the safety and security for students, staff and visitors, funds will be used to improve the parking lot asphalt and concrete throughout the district. These dollars will continue to implement access control (keyless building entry) at two elementary sites (Creekmoor and Shull elementary schools), as well as the Administrative Services Center.

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) upgrades are scheduled for the Ray-Pec High School north building and will occur in various locations within district buildings. Kitchen equipment upgrades have been built into the capital project budget and will be purchased if the Child Nutrition Department revenues exceed expenditures to cover these items. The gym floor maintenance rotation will be continued at the school sites. Funds are included in the capital projects budget for the implementation of technology improvements such as Tyler Pulse, E-readers and full Citrix implementation. The capital project budget will also continue to support the current district lease payments.

Expenditures are also included for Board of Education approved staffing plans for 2011-2012, including funds for higher retirement contributions as required by state law. Certified retirement for 2011-2012 is 14.5 percent and classified retirement is 6.86 percent. The total increased budget for salaries and benefits district-wide, including new positions, is $782,973.

The budget includes an increase of $600 to the base salary on the teacher's salary schedule. This increases the base salary to $34,100 and effectively adds $600 to each step in the schedule. Certified staff members will remain in their current step, but will receive an additional $600.

The salary schedules for classified employees will remain the same, but each classified employee will move one step on his or her salary schedule. This equates to an increase of about 2.5 percent. Certified staff members who have obtained additional education hours may advance horizontally on the salary schedule. Staff paid on the administrative salary schedule will remain on their current steps on the administrative salary schedule, but $600 will be added to the schedule. Superintendent Dr. Jeff Kyle will not have an increase to his salary.

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