Summer School 2018 Transportation

Morning and afternoon transportation is available for K-12 students. Please review, as routes are different than during the regular school year. The phone number for Apple Bus company is 318-1900. Pick-up and Drop-off times may vary by 5-10 minutes.  

Find your school or bus route

Use this site to verify your school and find your bus route: Ray-Pec Infofinder

PLEASE NOTE: While Summer School is in session, the Infofinder search will use Summer School boundaries to determine school sites and bus routes. To determine your child's school and bus stop information for the 2018-2019 school year, please check back in August.

All Ray-Pec buses pass inspection

All buses serving the Raymore-Peculiar School District were inspected earlier this year and approved for service.

The Apple Bus fleet that serves Ray-Pec had a first-time-through pass rate of 96.3 percent, which is well above the state average of 90.24 percent. The three buses that did not pass the first time through had minor defects and were repaired and passed on the same day.

Ray-Pec and other districts with school bus approval rates at or above 90 percent, qualify for the Total Fleet Excellence Award, which is presented at the Missouri Association of Pupil Transportation (MAPT) conference.

The Raymore-Peculiar School District contracts with Apple Bus Company for bus transportation. Apple Bus supplies and maintains the buses in the Ray-Pec fleet.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol conducts the annual school bus inspection. The inspection includes examination and testing of items ranging from brakes, exhaust, and horn, to step treads, mirrors, and signage.

Statewide bus inspection results

Apple Bus Company

The Ray-Pec School District contracts with Apple Bus Company to provide student transportation.

Call Apple Bus: 816-318-1900.
Send an email to Apple Bus:

Please include your name, name of student(s), attending school, home address and any additional information that may be helpful. This may include bus number, bus stop location or time of bus pickup if you know those details and they are pertinent to your question.

Change of Service Request

To request a change in transportation services please complete the attached form and submit to Apple Bus Company.
Change of Service Request form

Bus requisition 
Please complete the transportation requisition form and:
1. Fax the form to Apple Bus Co. at 816-318-1913
2. Send the form as an attachment to Tammy Maddox, Administrative Assistant for Administrative Services, at: