Develop a Team

  1. Digital Transformation Executive Team
    1. This includes the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, Director of Technology, Director of Elementary Education, Director of Secondary Education, Secondary and Elementary Principals and Digital Learning Teachers.
    2. The central responsibility is to support the district in its technology initiatives. Additional responsibilities include detailed planning, exploring new technologies, planning professional development, and troubleshooting.
    3. Technology and Instructional Design
  2. Digital Learning Teachers and Identified Early Adopters (PROJECT|BYOD Teachers)
    1. DLT’s are teachers within the district who support learning by testing new technologies, planning and leading professional development, and advancing district technology goals.
    2. Early Adopters are chosen from every building in the district and are used to plan and lead professional development, and advance district technology goals.
  3. Principals
    1. Principals attend  monthly team meetings, and provide the perspective of a building principal as well as receive training as needed for upcoming initiatives.
  4. Parents,Community Members,and Board Members
    1. Parents are often asked to serve on project specific teams.
    2. Local business owners may also be called for input.