Raymore-Peculiar East Middle School


17509 E. State Rt. 58
Raymore, MO 64083

(816) 388-4000

(816) 388-4001

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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Campbell, Katie Principal 816-388-4000  
Blunt, Cristin Assistant Principal 816-388-4000  
Ziegemeier, Dylan Counselor 816-388-4007  
Mackender, Brenda Counselor 816-388-4008  
Carpenter, Amanda Finance/Principal's Secretary 816-388-4006  
Patterson, Kristi Attendance Secretary 816-388-4005  
Eberhart, Teresa Registrar 816-388-4009  
Allen, Kirsten Nurse 816-388-4011  
Burns, Rebekah School Resource Officer 816-388-4017  
Johnson, William (Bill) Campus Supervisor 816-388-4000  
Brewer, Nikki Library Media Specialist 892-3999 x7402  
Nalley, Megan Library Media Assistant   892-3999 x 7402  
Ejjaidali, Diane Academic Skills 892-3999 x7228  
Sibert, Mary Academic Skills 892-3999 x7227  
Palmer, Kris Art 892-3999 x7410  
Deckard, Graham Band/Percussion 892-3999 x7405  
Shupe, Zachary Band 892-3999 x7405  
Darby, Melissa Behavior Interventionist    
Twenter, Shea Choir 892-3999 x7406  
Doudrick, Janell Core Resource ELA & 6th Reading 892-3999 x7108  
Lally, Richard Core Resource Math 892-3999 x7125  
Santiago, Francisco ELL 892-3999 x7401  
Downing, Dr. Alan Instructional Coach 892-3999 x7210  
Richardson, Sheri Instructional Coach    
Sibert, Mike ISS/Recovery Room 892-3999 x7415  
Kiser, Rachell Reading 892-3999 x7104  
Zeiss, Sierra Family & Consumer Science (FACS) 892-3999 x7411  
Young, Melinda Foreign Language - French 892-3999 x7124  
Rose, Jason Foreign Language - Spanish/World Cultures 892-3999 x7123  
Christopher, Katlyn Health/Physical Education 892-3999 x7416  
Foster, Jared Health/Physical Education 892-3999 x7417  
Williamson, Jory Health/Physical Education 892-3999 x7416  
Garcia, Lou Health/Physical Education 892-3999 x7417  
Sisson, Leanna Journalism 892-3999 x7127  
Baker, Lydia Project Lead the Way (Medical Detectives) 892-3999 x7106  
Barker, Paul Project Lead the Way (Engineering) 892-3999 x7414  
Hunziker, Seth Project Lead the Way (Computer Science) 892-3999 x7126  
Bennett, Briana Orchestra 892-3999 x7401  
Segura, Adam Theatre Arts 892-3999 x7407  
Quinlin, Lena LEAP (gifted) 892-3999 x7209  
Pearl, Jennifer Special Education Process Coordinator 892-3999 x 1685  
Fitch, Melanie Special Education 892-3999 x7120  
Gillespie, Krista Special Education 892-3999 x7209  
Ingrassia, Julie Special Education 892-3999 x7208  
Hensley, Elizabeth Special Education 892-3999 x7107  
Tedder, Cheryl Special Education 892-3999 x7221  
Vitt, Kaylee Special Education 892-3999 x7226  
Bond, Bobbi Occupational Therapy 892-3999 x7103  
McCorkle, Jill Speech 892-3999 x7109  
Ayers, Steven Paraprofessional    
Castor, Gina Paraprofessional    
Fredrickson, Barb Paraprofessional    
Walker, Linda Paraprofessional    
Nitz, Sherri Math 892-3999 x7112  
Caldwell, Tanya Science 892-3999 x7111  
Higgins, Dalana English Language Arts 892-3999 x7113  
Simpson, Liz Social Studies 892-3999 x7114  
Doctor, Tonya Math 892-3999 x7117  
Gooding, Rebecca Science 892-3999 x7118  
Mistarka, Katelyn English Language Arts 892-3999 x7116  
Pittman, Cathy Social Studies 892-3999 x7115  
Ferrara, Elena Math 892-3999 x7218  
Carmichael, Lindsay Science 892-3999 x7219  
Richey, Carma English Language Arts 892-3999 x7217  
Higley, Andrew Social Studies 892-3999 x7216  
White, Casey Math 892-3999 x7223  
Jordan, Paul Science 892-3999 x7222  
Young, Jessica English Language Arts 892-3999 x7224  
Garten, Kohl Social Studies 892-3999 x7225  
Brady, Zach Math 892-3999 x7213  
Simon, Andi Science 892-3999 x7212  
Wyatt, Monica English Language Arts 892-3999 x7214  
Streeby, Laura American History 892-3999 x7215  
Robinson, Erin Math 892-3999 x7206  
Tuttle, Dan Science 892-3999 x7207  
Bessmer, Lindsay English Language Arts 892-3999 x7205  
Brady, Hannah American History 892-3999 x7204  
Harrelson, Andrea Math/Science 892-3999 x7121  
Everett, Rhonda ELA/Social Studies 892-3999 x7122  
Ferguson, Kathlene (Shelly) Cafeteria Manager 892-3999 x7504  
Owens, Andie Cook 204-7865  
Hammond, Kelli Cook 679-7339  
Wade, Marjorie Cook 660-864-6298  
Crouse, Deb Cook 322-3764  
Franklin, Alexis Cook 933-1209