Raymore-Peculiar East Middle School


17509 E. State Rt. 58
Raymore, MO 64083

(816) 388-4000

(816) 388-4001

Link: Raymore-Peculiar East Middle School

Name Title Email Phone
Campbell, Katie Principal 816-388-4000
Johnson, Stacy Assistant Principal 816-388-4000
Stark, Alexis Associate Principal Intern 816-388-4000
King, Larry Counselor 816-388-4007
Mackender, Brenda Counselor 816-388-4008
Stavig, Sharon Finance/Principal's Secretary 816-388-4006
Redwing, Belinda Attendance Secretary 816-388-4005
Eberhart, Teresa Registrar 816-388-4009
Madden, Pam Nurse 816-388-4011
Goddard, Lance School Resource Officer  
Harrison, Marc Campus Supervisor 816-388-4000
McElwain, Calee Curriculum Specialist 816-892-1533
Brewer, Nikki Library Media Specialist 892-3999 x 7402
Proctor, Barbara Library Media Assistant 892-3999 x 7402
Ejjaidali, Diane Academic Skills  
Sibert, Mary Academic Skills  
Palmer, Kris Art  
Gibson, Jennifer Band  
Houston, Travis Band  
Twenter, Shea Choir  
Doudrick, Janell Core Resource ELA  
Lally, Richard Core Resource Math  
Appleton, Pat Teacher Associate, Learning Lab  
Sibert, Mike ISS/Recovery Room  
Okuly, Molly Family & Consumer Science (FACS)  
Young, Melinda Foreign Language - French  
Vendelin, Debbie Foreign Language - Spanish/World Cultures  
Huckeby, Connie Healthy Living 6  
Foster, Jared Health/Physical Education  
Kurzweil, Lora Health/Physical Education  
Williamson, Jory Health/Physical Education  
Rasmussen, Dean Health/Physical Education  
Sandifer, Ashleigh Journalism  
Barker, Paul Project Lead the Way (Engineering)  
Baker, Lydia Project Lead the Way (Medical Detectives)  
McKee, Wendy Project Lead the Way (Computer Science)  
Schnake, Pam Theatre Arts  
Wellman, Tori LEAP (gifted)  
Burke, Diane Special Education Process Coordinator  
True, Ryan Special Education  
Hansen, Amy Special Education  
Fleming, Norma Special Education  
Ogren, Jen Special Education  
Tedder, Cheryl Special Education  
Spencer, Penny Special Education  
Walker, Daniel Interpreter  
Bond, Bobbi Occupational Therapy  
McCorkle, Jill Speech  
Frederickson, Barb Paraprofessional  
Vyhanek, Christine Paraprofessional  
Osborn, Nancy Paraprofessional  
Walker, Linda Paraprofessional  
Castor, Gina Paraprofessional  
Nethaway, Rachael Paraprofessional  
6TH GR., TEAM A      
Nitz, Sherri Math  
Caldwell, Tanya Science  
Klinksick, Stephanie English Language Arts  
Simpson, Liz Social Studies  
Kelley, Tara Reading, 6th Grade, Team A and B  
6TH GR., TEAM B      
Doctor, Tonya Math  
Gooding, Rebecca Science  
Perkins, Andrew English Language Arts  
Pittman, Cathy Social Studies  
7TH GR., TEAM A      
Ferrara, Elena Math  
Carmichael, Lindsay Science  
Young, Jessica English Language Arts  
Higley, Andrew Social Studies  
7TH GR., TEAM B      
White, Casey Math  
Richardson, Sherri Science  
Hasty, Marsha English Language Arts  
Garten, Kohl Social Studies  
8TH GR., TEAM A      
Brady, Zach Math  
Simon, Andi Science  
Wyatt, Monica English Language Arts  
Streeby, Laura American History  
8TH GR., TEAM B      
Robinson, Erin Math  
Tuttle, Dan Science  
Bessmer, Lindsay English Language Arts  
Brady, Hannah American History  
Troby, Michelle Lunchroom Monitor  
Szudarski, Mickey Cafeteria Manager  
Cameron, Crystal Cook  
Kiger, Brittany Cook  
Dunlavy, Megan Cook  
Wade, Marjorie Cook  
Lindsey, Tiffany Cook  
Zwarts, Charla Cook  
Curtis, James (Tony) Day Lead Custodian  
Price, Larry (Gene) Night Lead Custodian  
Pitts, Edith Day Custodian Substitute  
Boos, Suzanne Day Custodian - Part-time  
Nichols, Ashlee Night Custodian  
Talley, Hope Night Custodian  
Alexander, Josh Night Custodian  
Dimmick, David Night Custodian  
Large-Gurin, Josh Night Custodian part-time