Surplus Property

Internal Procedure:

  • It is the school or department's responsibility to seek out surplus items, photograph them, and have them declared as surplus before placing them on the GovDeals website.

  • Contact Casey Thompson for the Surplus Standard Operating Procedures and Surplus Form documents located in the shared Google Drive.

Public Auction:

Surplus items are first made available for use at other schools or departments. Remaining items are listed on the GovDeals website. Winning bids are approved by the School Board.

After a buyer pays for an item, the building secretary sends the "bill of sale" to the school's custodians and coordinates the time and date of pickup. All pickups will be after school hours. Buyers will sign the "bill of sale" upon pickup.

Textbook Surplus

For Ray-Pec staff: Please complete the Surplus Textbook Form and send it to Debbie Johnson in the Academic Services Department. Once approved, the form will be forwarded to Casey Thompson.