Ray-Pec Apparel for sale

The Panther Market at RPHS has lots of apparel options to meet your needs.

Looking for some new school apparel? Go to https://raypeck12.revtrak.net/Panther-Market/#/list 

 and look at new Ray-Pec apparel. From there you will find all of our latest apparel at a great price. 

Looking for customizable Ray-Pec items? Personalize shirts/hoodies/hats/jackets and more with the in depth customization Rokkitwear provides. You can choose from a variety of school organizations like athletic, band, student council, and others. . All you have to do is pick an apparel item of your choice and customize it with one of the hundreds of logos Rokkitwear has to offer.  https://www.rokkitwear.com/school/17574-raymore-peculiar-high-school  

For any questions, please contact Kim Schrader at Kimberly.schrader@raypec.org