Academic Services

Kristel Barr

Dr. Kristel Barr

Chief Academic Officer

Phone: 816-892-1345

Glenna Bult

Dr. Glenna Bult

Director of Secondary Education

Phone: 816-892-1315

Miohelle Hofmann

Dr. Michelle Hofmann

Director of Elementary Education

Phone: 816-892-1346

For information about homeless students, displaced students, and foster care, please contact Dr. Glenna Bult, Director of Secondary Education, at 816-892-1315. Email:

Department Mission and Vision


The mission of the Department of Academic Services is to ensure, through support and empowerment, that school leaders and instructional staff acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to reach high levels of student achievement and success.


The vision of the Department of Academic Services is to work together as a professional learning community by modeling a culture that values learning, collaboration, communication, and a focus on results.

We are united in our efforts to support the district's educators in providing a high-quality education to each student in the district. Through our proactive planning and implementation efforts, we will ensure that all educators have the resources and support they need to provide a comprehensive and consistent instructional program to students.

As learners, we will continue to grow in our knowledge and understanding, so we can provide the best service to others and respond to emerging needs.

We will model professionalism and trusting relationships in our work  and will demonstrate loyalty to our mission at all times. We will serve as a positive force in working with educators across the district, so they feel knowledgeable and well-prepared to implement the district's programs and ensure student achievement and success.


The Department of Academic Services supports a culture of excellence in our schools and community by working to become a highly effective team that:

  • Demonstrates a high-level of professionalism and respect through our positive interactions

  • Works collaboratively within and beyond our Department to learn from each other and reach high-quality decisions

  • Confronts difficult issues after seeking first to understand the perspectives of others

  • Allocates our resources based on clearly defined priorities

  • Uses data to understand our current reality and plan for improvement

  • Measures our effectiveness through the successes of students and staff

  • Evaluates regularly the extent to which our actions demonstrate our priorities

  • Celebrates successes