Long Range Facility Planning

On Dec. 17, 2020, the Board heard a presentation about planning for an April 2021 bond issue. The presentation included recommendations for bond issue projects.

Long Range Facility Plan - Phase One. This document outlines cost estimates for these projects:

  • Additional capacity at the high school level - Phase 1: Freshman Center

  • District-wide facility updates at all schools and infrastructure needs (It identifies the five-year capital improvement needs at each facility.)

  • Performing Arts Center

  • Career-oriented Education

Board approves Long Range Facility Plan for 2021 - 2031

The School Board on Nov. 19 approved the Long Range Facility Plan for 2021-2031. The plan, which includes input from community stakeholders, is based on current and anticipated future needs.

The plan includes information about projects under consideration, which include:

  • Additional capacity at the high school level - Phase One - Freshman Center. (In the future, this could be converted to a Second Comprehensive High School.)

  • Significant maintenance needs - Including asphalt and concrete, playground spaces, heating and cooling, and roof repairs.

  • Performing Arts Center

  • Tennis Courts

  • Career Oriented Education Programming

  • Additional Elementary School

Work on the plan began in mid-2019 and included Ray-Pec educators, city planners, architects, and demographers. A number of community presentations were conducted to gather public feedback on priorities. 

Long Range Facility Plan

Board hears about Community Survey Results

At its October work session, the Board of Education heard about the results of a community survey. Excellence K12, a Kansas City-based market research firm, conducted a phone survey of 300 patrons.

These were the top identified needs:

  • Phase 1 of second high school

  • Additional ancillary facilities 

  • Deferred maintenance

Respondents especially favored the idea of a freshman center. If the district constructed a freshman center, it could later be expanded to become a second high school. Respondents also supported spending money on deferred maintenance, a performing arts center, and an aquatic center. When asked about varying bond issue scenarios, survey respondents supported the idea of a no-tax-increase bond proposal of $72 million.

Survey results overview

Ray-Pec Community Survey about Potential Bond Issue

(Sept. 18, 2020) 

Beginning today, phones will be ringing across the District as a comprehensive survey of patron opinion will begin.

The survey of 300 households will provide insight into what residents think about the District and its long range facility planning priorities.

"This survey will give us an opportunity to hear from a cross-section of our patrons and their opinions about our performance, and what our priorities should be for the future," says Superintendent Dr. Mike Slagle. "We'll hear from all geographic parts of the district, people of all different ages, and everyone from newcomers to long-term residents."

The 10-minute phone survey was designed by ExcellenceK12, a Kansas City-based market research firm. The calling will be done by Kansas City-based Market Research Associates, a firm that uses only locally-based, professional researchers. Participants will be selected totally at random, and all responses will be kept completely confidential.

In general, calls will be placed between 7 and 9 p.m. on weekdays, and noon to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. The caller ID may show "Market Research Associates" or it may simply show an 816 or 913 area code, because the company uses calling facilities in both Missouri and Kansas.

For those who are not contacted at random on the phone, an online version of the survey is available.  The survey will close Oct. 2.

The survey process will take about two weeks to complete.

"We really want to hear from you," says Dr. Slagle. "So, if you get a phone call on this survey, please participate, and please let us know what you think."

As part of its long-range facility planning process, the District is considering a no-tax-rate bond issue election in April 2021. The survey results will help provide feedback important in developing a ballot proposal.

District Seeks Feedback about Potential Bond Issue

(Sept. 11, 2020) As part of its long-range facility planning process, the District is considering a potential bond issue election in April 2021.

The District anticipates proposing a no-tax-rate-increase bond issue to provide funding for projects to support the District's growth in enrollment and need to maintain its current facilities.

The District wants more feedback before developing a ballot proposal. The District is partnering with ExcellenceK12, an education consulting firm, to conduct a survey. Beginning on Sept. 18, 2020, ExcellenceK12 will call a random sampling of patrons in the District. If you do not receive a phone call, but would like to participate, a link will be shared to complete the survey online.

The District began updating its long-range facility plan last year with the assistance of community input. In March, just before schools closed due to the pandemic, the District held community meetings to share the planning process with the public and to gather feedback. 

Last spring, community input indicated these top priorities:

  • A high school facility to accommodate coming enrollment increases (either a freshman center, career/technical center, or smaller comprehensive high school)

  • Potential ancillary facilities (among those are an aquatics center, athletic fields, performing arts center, tennis courts)

  • Needed maintenance to existing facilities

Public Presentations

The District invited the public to come and hear about the District’s Long Range Facility Planning process. Public presentations were held on March 10 and 11. If you were unable to attend a community meeting, you can review the information in the presentation below. 

View the Presentation

This presentation, which is narrated by Superintendent Dr. Kari Monsees, includes current enrollment numbers, growth estimates, and facility capacities. Learn how the District uses that data to plan for the future. 

Planning for the Future

This school year, the District is working to update its Long Range Facility Plan. The District is developing a 10-year facility plan with the assistance of community input.

During fall 2019, the District contracted the services of a demographer to assist with growth projections for the community. The planning process during fall and winter focused on data collection and analysis with District leaders and a small planning committee.

During February and March, 2020, District leaders began presenting the findings to staff, parent and community groups.

Planning for the future

School Board Member Bill Lowe considers some feedback during a December meeting of the Long Range Facility Planning Committee. The group considered pros and cons of various options to address future growth in the District.

Past, Current, Future Enrollment

Enrollment Projected to grow by 800 in next 10 Years

The Board met on Nov. 14, 2019, to discuss Long Range Facility Planning and to hear an update about planned capital improvements.

Enrollment in the Ray-Pec School District is projected to reach nearly 6,800 students (grades K-12) by 2023-24 and nearly 7,100 students by the 2029-2030 school year.

Those projections were shared by Rob Schwartz with RSP Associates, an educational planning firm, during a presentation on Nov. 14 to the Board of Education. The report provided detailed enrollment, demographic, and development information.

The enrollment analysis is part of a process under way to develop a 10-year facility master plan, based on current and anticipated future needs. A group of Ray-Pec Board members, educators and city planners have been meeting with architects and the demographer to determine options to handle the expected growth.

As the District moves forward, several issues must again be considered, including timelines for possible construction of new facilities, additions to current facilities, and facilities for specific programs. Public feedback opportunities on options under consideration will be presented next semester as part of the planning process.

2019-2020 Planning Update

October 2019: A group of Ray-Pec educators and city planners have begun meeting with architects and demographers to determine options to handle expected growth in the Raymore-Peculiar School District. 

The purpose of the current committee is to develop a 10-year facility master plan, based on current and anticipated future needs, with input from a wide range of community stakeholders. The previous master planning process, in 2015, resulted in a reconfiguration of the district allowing for a dedicated Early Learning Center, seven k-5 elementary schools, two 6-8 middle schools, and a large comprehensive high school in one building. 

The Long-Range Facility Planning Committee is meeting the first Tuesday of each month throughout the 2019-2020 school year. Once feasible options are determined, input from all patrons will be sought to determine the best plan of action.