Long Range Facility Planning

Board approves Long Range Facility Plan for 2021 - 2031

The School Board on Nov. 19, 2020, approved the Long Range Facility Plan for 2021-2031. The plan, which includes input from community stakeholders, is based on current and anticipated future needs.

The plan includes information about projects under consideration, which include:

  • Additional capacity at the high school level - Phase One - Freshman Center. (In the future, this could be converted to a Second Comprehensive High School.)

  • Significant maintenance needs - Including asphalt and concrete, playground spaces, heating and cooling, and roof repairs.

  • Performing Arts Center

  • Tennis Courts

  • Career Oriented Education Programming

  • Additional Elementary School

Work on the plan began in mid-2019 and included Ray-Pec educators, city planners, architects, and demographers. A number of community presentations were conducted to gather public feedback on priorities. 

Long Range Facility Plan

This plan will be updated in 2024.